Digital Skills for Libraries

Digital Skills for Libraries is a certificate program by The Education Institute for Youth Interns participating in the Digital Skills for Youth program funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Interns will have the opportunity to enhance their digital skills, and prepare them for careers in today’s library and information sector.

Interns are required to complete this certificate as part of the formal evaluation of the DS4Y program. The training will be a part of their 900 hours. Webinars and courses related to essential digital skills will be made available through an online learning portal.

Topics covered will include:

  • IT Support
  • Privacy & Security
  • Data Analysis
  • Tech Trends
  • Fundamentals of Web Development / Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Career Development
  • Communications

Completion of the certificate will require approximately 45 hours of training and evaluation and include a career development and mentorship component. It will include:

  • some 40-60 minute webinars,
  • some self-directed learning,
  • meeting with a career mentor
  • plus more in-depth multi-day courses.

Courses will have built in evaluation and comprehension components.

Courses will be online only, and will consist of a mix of live and recorded webinars, multi-part courses, and self-directed learning. Courses and training will be released throughout the internship, and interns can complete training at their own pace. There may be live webinars with fixed dates and times on, but play-back recordings will be available to view at a later date. Details about certificate requirements, as well as all courses and webinars and accompanying materials will be added to the learning portal on a rolling basis.

Completion will be tracked online through the program website. Interns are expected to complete the course requirements in a regular manner. Minimum completion requirements will be set for each month the youth intern works and for each invoice their IHO submits to the OLA.

Career Development & Mentorship

Interns will also complete career development and mentorship activities as part of the Digital Skills for Libraries Certificate. Interns will have the ability to hone their interview and résumé building skills, as well as prepare for their next steps in their careers through mentorship conversations and networking activities.

Activities include:

  • Attending the Ontario Library Association Super Conference (if possible)
  • Participating in at least three career development and mentorship activities over the course of their internship, with an assigned mentor within their organization
  • Attending at least two career development/mentorship related courses provided through the learning portal
  • Requesting a review & critique of their résumé, with their mentor or through the learning portal

Mentorship activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising on career advancement and opportunities related to their profession;
  • Advising on developing specific skills needed for career;
  • Helping interns establish a network of contacts;
  • Assisting & developing skills for seeking a job, interviewing, and career management.
  • A résumé review or Linkedin profile critique

The Ontario Library Association will provide access to the Career Centre during the OLA Super Conference and year-round on-demand career, résumé, and other mentorship support.

For Employers

Organizations will offer guidance, support, and encouragement to help interns be better informed and supported in making the transition to the career-oriented employment.

Employers will be required to connect interns with a mentor within their organization for the duration of the internship. This mentor will schedule at least three conversations/check-ins with the intern, and report on the conversations through an online form. Conversations should happen within the first month, at the mid-point, and at least two weeks before the intern finishes their internship.

OLA Super Conference

DS4Y Youth Interns will receive a free full-conference registration to attend the OLA Super Conference including an invitation to all networking, mentoring, and Career Centre activities.

Travel and hotel costs are not included.

For those unable to attend Super Conference additional mentoring and career support opportunities will be offered subject to availability.

Professional Association Membership

One year individual membership with the Ontario Library Association, the Canadian Federation of Library Associations, and membership to their local provincial library association (if outside of Ontario) through The Partnership.

As an additional perk, interns who complete the Digital Skills for Libraries Certificate will be added to a roster of job seekers. Their résumé and Linkedin profiles will be made available to prospective employers in the library and information profession.

Approximate value $1,600.

Above is subject to final approval by program funder.