Check in Questions

Check-In Questions for Mentors and Mentees

A helpful model for understanding stages of the mentoring cycle has been adapted from Gerard Egan’s Skilled Helper model.

Exploration New Understanding Action Planning
Exploration New Understanding Action Planning
  • Clarify aims and objectives
  • Get to know each other
  • Negotiate the agenda
  • Define ideas: Share experience, stories, ideas and advice
  • Challenge ideas but ensure constructive feedback
  • Identify development needs
  • Examine options for action as well as consequences
  • Encourage new ways of thinking
  • Help make decisions, solveproblems, develop action plans
  • Monitor progress and evaluateoutcomes

The cycle is likely to be dynamic as you explore ideas, but the model is helpful to understanding the process and for developing you own mentoring relationship and plan.

Check-In Questions: Questions to help evaluate the mentoring process and assess what needs to be revised.

  1. At the end of every session do you know when the next meeting will take place and where?
  2. Have you developed together a prioritized list of points to discuss? Do you feel comfortable enough to digress or even change it?
  3. How do you evaluate what has taken place between meeting times?
  4. Are you both – mentor and mentee – comfortable enough to be honest and upfront about issues, skills and yourunderstanding of information, ideas and advice? Do you ask for what you need?
  5. Is your mentoring time a shared priority? Are you both fully focused during your time together?
  6. How do you feel about giving and receiving feedback?
  7. How are you documenting your shared learning? Have you considered journaling to help track your insights?
  8. How do you listen to each other, reflecting and reflecting on what you are hearing?
  9. Have you thought about how you learn the best and discussed this together?
  10. If you feel you don’t have all the answers, are you comfortable suggesting where else to go or whom else to consult?

Adapted with permission from the ArtsBuildOntario Arts Facilities Mentoring Network Orientation Binder 2017-18.