Tips for Closure

Tips for Closure

As your mentoring relationship draws to a close, use these tips to draw things together, setting a path for future actions and relationships.

Plan for Next Steps

Consider your own temperament. How do you feel about closure? Do you find it difficult to say good-bye? Be conscious of your own inner resistance to this. Instead plan for the end by scheduling a final meeting and work together to outline a clear agenda for that meeting. Be prepared for the formal relationship to end, but be prepared to discuss options for an ongoing relationship.

Go Back to Your Goals

Check in on the goals you agreed upon. See what you have accomplished, and reflect on goals that may remain. Consider whether unaccomplished goals are still a priority, and how or even whether to address them in another way outside of the mentoring relationship.

Reflect & Celebrate

Reflect on what you valued most about the mentoring experience and say thank you! You have had the great privilege of working together towards shared goals. Celebrate it!

Identify & Discuss Options

Before your final meeting, consider the different choices for the next phase of the relationship. There are many options. Lay them out and discuss your preferences.

Share learning together

Consider how to continue after the formal mentoring experience ends.

Think about what you have both learned and talk about it at your final meeting. Both the mentor and mentee may choose to develop a post-mentoring development plan for themselves. You may also decide to extend your mentoring relationship informally beyond the MentorMatch program. Keep the learning going!

Adapted with permission from the ArtsBuildOntario Arts Facilities Mentoring Network Orientation Binder 2017-18.